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city police headquarters downtown. >> the victim told us that he was not robbed the, but he felt that he was targeted. baltimore city police are investigating. they believe this was under assault and they think they're very close to finding the attackers. >> i was holding my hands up to block my face. >> but it did not work. this is a picture of 30-year-old kenni shaw. >> i was on the ground. i could not get up. i could not see because my eyes were swollen shut. >> the brutal beating happened christmas eve. he had just left the only store open in his neighborhood during the holidays. he had just left this liquor store on east kaufman and milton street. he was one block away when a group of men surrounded him. suddenly, one man hit him. >> startled, he wondered why he was attacked. >> i asked him what happened and he punched me in the face again. after that, i was on the ground. >> he received at least 10 more punches to the face. >> he said he only heard these words at the end of the attack. >> at the end of the brutality, if you would have had money, we would have robbed you. >>
. coach rob worked at boeddeker playground which is one of the tougher neighborhoods in the city, he was a positive influence for 21 years, using the sport of track and steel to help teach them sportsmanship and hard work, as a retired city employee, coach rob continues to run his own non-profit track and field. he is currently ranked third in the nation in his age for the 100 meter hurdles, and perhaps his biggest accomplishment was being selected to carry the olympic torch here in san francisco for the 2008 beijing olympic, it's an amazing award and thank you for being such a great teacher and leader and coach to young people in the tenderloin. [applause]. >> thank you very much for this award, my wife and i appreciate it very much. what's really important right now is for us to keep the rec centers open because the rec centers is like a second home for the kids in the community. if they don't have a second home, they'll find a home somewhere else and it won't be rec centers. thank you very much. >> thank you, and congratulations. [applause]. >> and, coach, we agree with that, and
of his sexuality, some in the neighborhood have called him names and pointed out that he wasn't robbed but just beaten, an in tolerance that nearly cost his life. >> i think it was a hate crime because of my life style and i didn't do anything. i don't know these guys names. >> reporter: kenneth wants to move or change when he leaves his house. but not before he and his family take a stand. they are convinced kenneth was assaulted for being gay and will not cower until they see justice served. >> i think you got to get to a point in life that you just can't be afraid anymore. you know and this is how it stands, this is my son, i know i will lay down my life for my son. >> city police say the whole assault is still under investigation and have yet to classify this as a hate crime and finding the suspects may be difficult, ken said he never got a good look at them. >>> if you like slot machines, you can stay at the casino until the cows come home, the casino is staying open 24/7. maryland alive welcomed players at 8 at doors that will never close. the 24/7 change was approved last month
at gunpoont and robbed in the ssme aree ssm was attacked. in sam's case policc did & arrest 3 out of the 55 individuals... all are news at 5. & that brings us tooour question of the dayy should pizza ddliveryyman be punished for defending himself? 3 go to fox-bbltimore dot com and tell us what you thhnkk youucannalso sound off throuuh facebook. send us a tweet.. at foxbaltimore. ann you can text yoor answer to 45203. & fox45b for no. -3 33- 3 a... baltimore counny teenager... missing &psinceedecemmer 22nd... 3 her boyffiend... faccs charres... for... lying tt police...//. 3 3 police.... charred... 3 with... giving... a.... false stattment... too.. a... police officer...//. pplice... - were looking for... his... 7 year old girlfriendd.../ she 3 psen... at the white mmrsh wordd.. if more charges areepending...//. 3 harford county police... are... looking for a man... suspectee of robbiig a home in fallston...//.. it happened ...on... fallsson road...///
distinguished members of the giants ownership group, charles johnson, david jenkins, trina and rob veen, tory and steven humphrey and allen baer. and we also joined by past giants owners. please welcome the family jamie and kim rupert and peter stoneum. also here with us today bob and connie laurie. peter and debbie mc clawlin. bill and sally newco. and now let's give it up for your giants training staff. david, mark and carl, and harold. [cheers and applause] [inaudible] your assistant coaches. shawn dun can, dave stone and the there will will clark. [cheers and applause] . and the manager for the past 54 years the legendary one, mike murphy. [cheers and applause] and we would also like to extend a warm welcome to all of the giants alumni that we have here today including former giants manager feleap laua and five of our hall of famers. gay lord perry, orlando si pirra, jaun, lily misconnie, and willy mays. [cheers and applause] we also want to acknowledge congresswoman nancy pelosi along with her husband. thank you so much for being here. we know how busy you with the election jus
head trauma. he had gone to give estimates on contract work when he went missing. >> they robbed him. they were wrong for what they did. i hear about stuff like this on the news but i would never know it would come to my family during the holiday season. >> the search continues for a suspect. ever since the massacre, he gun control debate has been raving. it had us curious about gun sales in maryland. >> the rifle adam lanza used was legally owned and registered to his mother. police say he shot her florida -- four times in the head before going to the elementary school and killing 20 children and six female educators. following the tragedy, calls for increased school -- safety, and gun sales, are on the increase. there were more than 7200 purchase applications filed. >> we are looking at over 8200 purchase applications to be processed. >> more than 46 -- 46,000 were processed. police project at least six to 2000 will be handled. -- 62,000 will be handled. some of the reasons are apparent. >> they get the message something has to change. that is our hope. >> last year, maryland had
two men tried to rob him. >>> new details now on an armed carjacking in manassas. police say they arrested four teenagers, ages 12 to 17. investigators say the teens were armed with stolen bb guns. that particular incident happened on wednesday, just after 9:00 p.m. on community drive. the stolen car was found about an hour later at a nearby mcdonald's. police are still looking for a fifth teen. >>> a news alert from the district. d.c. police are looking for this man. they say he is responsible for robbing a sun trust bank on 17th street northwest yesterday. investigators say the suspect walked in around 1:00 p.m. and demanded cash. surveillance photos got a good look at the man's face as you can see right here. police are asking anyone who recognizes him to give him a call. >>> coming up next, the redskins and cowboys. we know it is a storied rivalry and a lot is at stake at fedex field this weekend. >> not too late to get tickets but you better be ready to pay up for it too. >> might be watching that one on tv. we've got clouds around this morning. got temperatures in the m
robbed you. ." mentally, he is scarred. we want to get the justice that he deserves. >> he tells them weeks ago that he was taunted and now he believes he was a target. >> i think it was a hate crime because i am a homosexual. >> i don what my son to feel like when i get off work that he cannot go to a corner store to pick up something because he might get the up. nobody should have to live in fear. >> the police are investigating saying they have some good leads in what they're calling at this point only an assault. two years ago he was robbed at gunpoint sing baltimore city police made an arrest the same day. barry simms, wbal-tv 11 news. >> late breaking details tonight in the case of sleigh north carolina teenager felicia barnes -- slain phylicia barnes. they're planning to play it an explicit tape. they say the video is "promiscuous footage" barnes, johnson, and two others. they are asking the court gromyko's when it is played. johnson is plot -- charged in the murder of her back in 2010. >> police say he used his baby to sell drugs. the 36-year-old smith learned his fate last we
up. >>> east bay policeman robbed of his own guns. the brazen burglary and why the officer gave chase and then gave up. >> if anyone could straighten out the terrible problem that oakland has, he can. >> oakland calls in reinforcements. the tough cop they've hired as a consultant and what he plans to do right away to get a handle on crime. >> my own mom had christmas dinner told me do not raise my taxes. >> the bay area's newly elected congressman getting plenty of advice on his way to washington. what he says he can teach the old guard about compromise. >> new at 10, a police officer arrives home to find he's become a crime victim. three burglars caught in the act of stealing the policeman's guns. christin ayers on what happened next. >> reporter: police say burglaries in this area have become so widespread that even cops have become targets. >> we do have a lot of law enforcement folks that live in our city. they are the victims of burglaries. >> reporter: most recently last night. three burglars already ransacking a police officer ice home here in southeast ann tee job when t
robbed more than a year ago. yet she says she's never filed a report here at the oakland police department. but that in this case, some of the neighboring businesses did. in oakland, philippe djegal, kron four news. >> ooakland city leaders continue to battle a big jump in a crime. and today they laid down a new plan on how to do that. as previous plans to stop the violence this year -- have seemingly failed. there have been 127 homicides in oakland this year -- up 21-percent from the same period last year. 210 rapes -- up 23-percent. nearly 4-thousand robberies -- a 23-percent increase. and more than 12-thousand burglaries -- a jump of 44- precent. the first move. recruiting oakland residents to assits in a neighborhood policing program. the second step. bringing in a consultant to take a look at oakland's police department. kron four's jeff bush tells us who this high profile consultant is.and why his big city credentials could help bring down violent crime in oakland. >> reporter: bill bratton is the big name in the list of consulatants hired by opd. his carreer in policing h
" se rob la correspondencia de varios hogares en el bulevar "devon-shire" en san carlos ---natan presuntament e le regal tarjetas de credito a varios de sus amigos que no entreg a las residencias ---el sospechoso fue arrestado luego de ser captado haciendo compras con una tarjeta robada ---natan se declar inocente. cesar ---sabia usted que el sistema de transporte "muni" de san francisco esta por cumplir 100 aÑos... take vo ---pues la agencia pretende celebrar permitiendo que todos puedan utilizar el sistema gratis... ---esto sera de 5 de la maÑana del viernes 28 hasta las 5 de la maÑana del sabado 29... ---pero no solo eso... debido a la celebracion del nuevo aÑo tambien el muni ofrece viajes gratis desde el lunes 31 de diciembre a las 8 de la noche hasta las 6 de la maÑana del uno de enero de 2013. cu tiempo de la primera pausa comercial en noticiero telemundo 48 pero al volver... take vo legisladores de la camara de representant es se reuniran de emergencia el da domingo para evitar el denominado "precipicio fiscal"... take vo y las lluvias dejaron tanta agua en las repre
out about this program right now. so, i just want to say thank you to all of you, to rob black from the restaurant association, benny yee to being here, our merchants, our neighbors and all the city partners who really believe in supporting the businesses and of course to todd from the office of economic and work force development, supervisor chu and our mayor ed lee. thank you so much for this opportunity to help out our small businesses in our community. thank you very much and we'll be available for questions later on. thanks. (applause) ... an
victims and robbed them right on the street and they fled the area and there is a pending investigation. december second, at 9:30, the victim had her cell phone stolen. and december second at 2:00 a.m., the victim had her cell phone stolen from the roof at the ruby sky. and december third at 2:00 a.m.. three suspects were arrested at the cellar for being drunking and resisting arrest. after being object jected by security they gestured that they had weapons and a fight ensued in front and on the street. the police were called and the subjects were taken into custody and booked at county jail. november 18th at 1:30 a.m. the victim had the iphone stolen from fiddler's green on columbus and the last one to note is on november 23rd at 10:30, a victim had her purchase stolen located at the condor on broad way. any questions or comments? >> thank you. >> is there any public comment on the police report? seeing none, we move to number 6, which is new business requests and future agenda items. >> i am going to skip number five, is there any commission comments or questions? >> just a minute. i
and weapons charges. they are accused of robbing and beating a man back in august. one other man is charged in the attack. mazlan is recovering fromevere brain injuries. frantic work under way with just four days left to pass a fiscal cliff deal and lawmakers are meeting again this afternoon to try to avert major tax hikes and spending cuts. the latest on what we can expect from today's efforts. >> the key players will give it one last shot. president obama and congressional leaders will meet this afternoon at the white house in a last-ditch effort to avoid a self-inflicted fiscal calamity. this is the first meeting between the power plays in six weeks. if they can't work out some kind of agreement automatic tax hikes and spending cuts will go into affected new year's day, which will impact most americans and will put the nation back into recession. >> we are coming up against a hard deadline. >> at today's meeting, president obama will push for a stop gap measure, a small deal that will at least prevent tax increases for those earning $250,000 or less. but even that seems unlikely. >> the
and sonny cued i attacked and robbed maslin. he was in a coma for nearly two months. branch and his accomplice are due in court. the third suspect, michael moore, waived his right to a hearing. >>> today is the first day of the gun show in chantilly. protesters plan to be out in full force. the code pink, the social advocacy group, is prepared to protest outside. the group interrupted the nra news conference last week if you you remember this. they want stricter regulations when it comes to buying guns. >> the rules on gun shows are very loose. the feeling is, this is not a sane way to protect you and me and our kids. >> despite the protests, gun stores have seen a huge increase in sales because many fear stricter regulations in light of the newtown school shooting. >> we're just getting started on news4 today. it's happened again. police begin a second search for the person who pushed someone off a new york city subway platform. >>> the 12 and 13-year-olds facing charges in a brazen crime in northern virginia. >>> more winter weather rolling in for the weekend. the >>> all right. g
he went missing. >> all i know is that they rob him. it is wrong what they did. i hear about this stuff on the news but i never thought it would come to my family, during the holiday season. >> pearson remains in serious but stable condition and the search for a suspect continues. anyone with information is asked to call a city police. baltimore police have made an arrest in the death of a 20-year old man. it is the girlfriend who reported the shooting that is behind bars. she told police she found her boyfriend be the -- bleeding from a gunshot wound in northwest baltimore. after investigating the incident, police have determined it was actually cutler who was the shooter. along with her, police have arrested two others as accessories. it is turning out to be a nice afternoon. >> temperatures hitting the 40 degree mark across the metro area. right now we have a few more clouds across the era before the next storm system. the forecast for today, expecting temperatures in the upper 30's to 40's with partly cloudy skies, light winds out of the northwest. we will detail the timi
. from december 23rd. police say the same two unidentified suspects rob the valero gas station on north texas street.shortly after robbing the 7-11 store on phoenix drive. one of the suspects held a chrome revoler handgun as they both grabbed money from the cash registers. both suspects left on foot. new at eight. the international maritime organization has approved a plan to change the routes that cargo ships use to enter san francisco bay. the goal is to reduce collisions between large vessels and whales. kron 4's charles clifford has details. >> reporter: migrating whales, such humpbacks, often pass through the waters off california's coast. far to often, these large creatures collide with cargo ships, killing or severely injuring the whales. but under a plan developed by the national oceanic and atmospheric administration, and now approved by the international maritime organization, cargo ships will be required to travel through narrower shipping lanes in an effort to avoid these deadly collisions. the changes involve shipping lanes at the port of los angeles and long beach, as well
that when we get back but we are taking a sledgehammer and robbing our children blind and stealing from them. and the fact that very few people aren't talking about it is one of the reasons that i think we need people of principle in washington. we will come back. after the break, michelle malkin and charles krauthammer will be here and andrew cuomo, new york governor, said he's not opposed to gun confiscation when it comes to certain weapons. and sam donaldson has a message for the tea party. >> the greatest slogan that i hated during the past campaign, we want to take welcome back to "hannity." we continue with juan williams and brent brazell. so the senate doesn't do their 1300 days, they don't pass a budget because they are too gut less to pass a budget. >> oh, come on. >> they won't put it on paper. the president last week is playing golf, 18 hours on the golf course. more than i have spent in a year. and he's now holding the line, if i have this straight here, for what amounts to 8 1/2 days of government spending. he's willing to raise everybody's taxes and hold the country hostage ove
been robbed by the tame suspects moments before the crash. >> reporter: police do believe that is the case. the woman was robs of her purse here at this bp gas station. she said something to him to the effect of justice is going to catch up with you. it did, and she was there to see it. >> i'm okay now. i just thank god he didn't hurt me. >> >> reporter: when sharon gardner saw this maxima, it was speeding away from the bb gas station, with the man who would just stolen her purse in the backseat. >> i was in between vacuuming my car out, i was going from my driver's side to my passenger side. by the time i got to the trunk of my truck, he had immediately hurried up and took my pocketbook. i had it on the floor. i had it covered up. >> reporter: someone had jotted down the tag number. gardner called the cops. while the responding officer wall street still at the scene, the radio crackled with news, the speeding nissan struck this chevrolet, barely missing a b i woman pushing a baby stroller. >> i heard this big boom, so i didn't think nothing of it. >> reporter: gardner dro
is that they rob him. -- all i know is that they rob him. i hear about stuff like this on the news but i would never know it would come to my family during the holiday season. >> perason remains in serious but stable condition and the search for suspects continues. anyone with information is asked to call police. baltimore city police made an arrest in the shooting death of a 21-year-old baltimore man. it is the girlfriend who called 911 to report the shooting. back in august, asia cutler reportedly told police she found her book and bleeding from a gunshot wound in the park circle neighborhood of northwest baltimore. after investigating, police determined it was active but cutler who was the shooter. along with cutler, police arrested a 21-year-old shanda cure and willie brockington as excess of a spirited two weeks after the tragedy of sandy hook elementary and the topic of gun control as heated up. as talk of legislative action increases, so do gun sales. gun sales across the nation of spiked as people fled gun stores to buy weapons that are legal now but may not be if new legislation passe
, and happy friday. i'm brandi hitt in for paula faris. >> and i'm muhammad lila in for rob nelson. brandi, we made it through the week. still got a half hour left, but we made it and it's been great. >> and then you head back to d.c. today. >> and you're going to l.a. >> so we'll be leaving you. >> it's been a wild ride. >> it's been a lot of fun. >> absolutely. now let's just make it through this half hour. coming up, we're going to hear from the vocal players in washington awaiting today's fiscal cliff negotiations. that is our top story. then we'll remember stormin' norman schwartzcopf, one of the nation's best known warriors. while leading troops to battle, he's lost his battle with pneumonia. >>> blown away by an oncoming tornado. take a look. it was recorded outside an alabama store. and it shows, oh, my gosh, the powerful winds as inspectors assess the damage from the christmas storms. we'll have more of that coming up for you later. >>> and later this half hour, 'tis the season to see the holiday blockbuster films. we're going to reveal some money making secrets of movie theaters. you
>>> good morning. i'm muhammad lila, in for rob nelson. >> i'm brandi hitt. paula faris is on assignment today. we begin this morning with a new effort to avoid the fiscal cliff. it's an 11th-hour attempt to reach a deal. but lawmakers are not optimistic. >> wendy gillette is here with the latest. good morning, wendy. >> reporter: good morning, president obama will meet be lawmakers this afternoon. time is running out with no deal in sight. president obama will meet with congressional leaders later today at the white house. but it may be too late for a deal. there's just four days left before the fiscal cliff deadline. >> i have to be very honest, mr. president. i don't know, time-wise, how it can happen now. >> reporter: senate majority leader, harry reid, lashed out at house speaker, john boehner, accusing him of running a dictatorship. >> john boehner seems to care more about his leadership than keeping the country on a secure footing. >> republicans aren't about to write a blank check for anything senate democrats put forward just because we find ourselves at the edg
and i'm liking it. i'm muhammad lila in for rob nelson. >> and i'm brandi hitt in for paula faris. she's on assignment. this is our last day on the desk together, my friend. >> it's been great. >> it has been great. but you still haven't got much sleep. >> i'm on like three hours sleep. but our viewers out there, they call themselves insomniacs. so i wanted to join them. >> okay. you wanted to feel the same emotions that you're experiencing right now. >> it's all about the love, it's all about the love. >> yeah, right. >> we appreciate you joining us today, being up this early with us. coming up in this half hour, we'll take a look back at the life of general norman schwarzkopf and his long list of awards and honors. >>> also this half hour, it is down to the wire in washington, d.c. yes, the fiscal cliff now just four days away. can a last-ditch meeting today really, really lead to a deal? really? >> i hope so, because i'm heading to washington tomorrow. but we're going to bring you another story. you're going to want to see this. a daycare burglary that turns into child's play. oh, m
seasons. ktvu's rob recall h is live -- robert handa is live where fans are cheering. >> reporter: cheering with san jose state capping off a successful season in terms of spreading spartan pride. >> reporter: san jose state football fans show up often downtown, especially -- but today in the military bowl it was harder to find a seat. >> i love it. i mean, we had a great year. >> reporter: this year's grads watched the team go from 1-12 to this year's success and then saw the head coach take a job with colorado before today's game. >> i am so proud of them. how far they have come. they believe it themselves first and now they turned everyone else into believers. >> there were no believers as the game went on. >> inside the 10 -- [ cheers and applause ] >> i think san jose state is a sleeping giant in terms of the sports program here. >> reporter: it came down to the last few minutes. san jose state came out the winner. >> game was amazing. >> i am thrilled to be a spartan. to be going to san jose state. our school is coming together. >> reporter: well before anyone gets carried a
moore waived his hearing. the suspects are accused of beating and robbing thomas mass mazlin when he was walking home. the suspects will be back in court next week. >>> former president george h.w. bush is said to be improving at a houston hospital this afternoon, even singing to his doctors and nurseman. a family spokesman says the 88-year-old is in good spirits. the former president has been hospitalized now for more than a month. doctors say they're still optimistic about his recovery. >>> policy tigds and leader remembering general norman schwarzkopf, the man who commanded forces in the first gulf war died yesterday of complications from pneumonia. andrea mitchell looks back at his career and explains how he earned his nickname. >> reporter: nicknamed stormin' norman for his legendary temper, norman schwarzkopf was an american original. colorful and blunt-talking, he used his prewar briefings to try to sca to. >> reporter: when the decision to go to war was made, he was ready with a plan to outflank the iraqi forces. former president bush with brian williams last year. >> i remem
... and corrupt administrators, robbing the people, as it were, for the... in order to line their own pockets. josephus also tells us that there's another source of growing tension in the country at this time, because there's an increasing number of bandit and rebel types coming out of the woodwork in the country. and so between growing banditry, the rise of the zealot movement, a... a politically active insurgency movement, and then the corruption of the administration, the situation in jerusalem is becoming very, very tense indeed. >> narrator: in the year 60 of the common era, after a decade building communities in the greek east, paul decided that his work there was done. >> ( dramatized ): now, with no further place for me in these regions, i am going to jerusalem in a ministry to the saints. >> paul wants to fulfill the promise that he had made to peter and james back in the jerusalem conference. for these ten years that he's been in the aegean, he's had his congregations collecting monies together to take back to jerusalem. now we find him gathering all that up, each congregation sendi
tonight accused of robbing a bank in d.c. and this happened at the suntrust bank on dupont circle. the suspect was taken into custody in the metro station and he said he was able to be be tracked down and that is thanks to a gps unit placed inside the moneybag. police say the same suspect is behind another bank robbery two days ago at the suntrust bank on 17th street northwest. >>> a loudoun county sheriff's deputy is under arrest after a fight with a neighbor. he's facing several charges, including misdemeanor assault and battery. the man told police he was assaulted by the crew yesterday while doing work on a home and the victim was taken to the hospital and treated. >>> the gun control debate is front and center ever since the tragedy two weeks ago in newtown, connecticut. some are calling for stricter laws and others are lining up to arm themselves concerned the guns could be taken away and that is what is happening tonight at a gun show in virginia. bob barnard is live with that story. bob? >> reporter: the show is now open and is considered to be the biggest annual show on t
hill man will be in court. police say tommy branch and sunny kuti attacked and robbed maslin in august. he was in a coma for nearly two months. branch and kuti are due in court at 9:30. the third person, michael moore, waived his right to a hearing. >>> today the man accused of walking into sandy hook elementary school in virginia with a 2 by 4 will also be in court. that happened last week in strasburg. 33-year-old christopher johnson wrote high-powered rifle on that board. he made general statements about school safety. no one was hurt. johnson is charged with disorderly conduct. >>> the loudoun county sheriff's office is investigating a deadly shooting. it happened around 7:00 last night in sterling. deputies found the victims shot to death near great trail terrace and trail run terrace. his name has not been released. detectives believe the man was targeted. anyone with information about this case is asked to call police. >>> a busy day at the mall turned to chaos in newport news, virginia. police were called to the patrick henry mall last night for the report of a fight. they cont
was killed when two men tried to rob him. emma's funeral is set for tomorrow at 11:00 at st. mary's episcopal church in arlington. >>> we'll talk about the weekend forecast and we do have a little snow in the forecast. today looks fine with temperatures in the low 40s. we'll do weather and traffic with jeff newman coming up right after the break. >>> welcome back. this is a live look outside at the washington monument at 5:13 this friday morning. there is only a couple more days left in this year. we are almost done. with the chances of more winter weather heading our way, now is a great time to get the fox 5 weather app. search for d.c. weather in the app store. p store. >> all right. >> you keep leaving out the most important part. it's free. >> we should have like a little sound track. >> yes, my favorite word. >> the first thing i did was check out the fox 5 weather app. >> so did i. >> i was looking for something different than you but yeah. >> i was looking at the 10-day, trying to plan out my whole life. >> that is my favorite thing. >> i'm going hour by hour. i look at the hourly. >>
it on her twitter page. a man robbed the wells fargo bank and then tried to escape on the red line headed for silver spring. officials held with the train so they could catch the suspect. >> let's get to the store that just about everybody is talking about, sunday night showdown between the redskins and cowboys. for the redskins, it would be the first provision title in 13 years. >> they're getting ready to watch the virginia tech game. come sunday night, it will be all redskins all the time. it is what everyone in washington, d.c. is talking about, that big game on sunday night. from flags to even the family pet, the burgundy and gold is everywhere you look these days. at the vienna inn, these die- hard fans are sharing some lunch and getting psyched to go descending at's game. >>-- sunday night's game. >> it is all have been thinking about all week. dream about it broke out in ashburton, it is the silver and blue -- about it. >> out and ash burtonin ashburn, it is the silver and blue. they have never been to a redskins versus dallas game. now it is all they can think or talk about. >> i
a capitol hill man this summer will be in court. police say tommy branch and sunny kuti attacked and robbed thomas maslin in august. maslin suffered a traumatic brain injury and was in a coma nearly two months. the third suspect, michael moore, waived his right to a hearing. >>> this morning, four children, one as yun as 12, face charges for carjacking. the virginia couple was outside their home in manassas wednesday night when the group held them at gunpoint. when police caught up to them, a 13-year-old girl was behind wheel. the suspects tried to get away leaving the minivan in drive which sent the van into a pillar in a mcdonald's drive through. the group took the couple's rent money and a new tablet computer just purchased for their daughter. >>> 6:34 right now. a malfunctioning furn mass is to blame for a massive fire that destroyed an apartment complex earlier this week. now, we're hearing the 91 calls for help as people watched the fire race through the building. >> i'm down the street but i can see it from here. there's smoke everywhere. >> do you know what floor it's on in. >> it l
for the party. he and a couple other guys hatched a plot to steal a car and rob a bank. one of his partners was an informant to the f.b.i. acts were waiting for him and a judge sentenced him yesterday 19 months. that's on top of the time he had to serve for the drug conviction. >>> i'm trace gallagher. that's it for "studio b" with shepard smith, harris faulkner is in for the "fox report." the dow is down for the fifth day in a row. eric bolling in for neil on your world which starts right now. >>> you're looking live at the white house where last minute talks are under way to avoid the tax ma go aheaden. is a rushed deal a bad deal? welcome, i'm eric bolling in for neil cavuto and this is your world. democratic and g.o.p. leaders converging on the white house about an hour ago. and that's where they are now. meeting with the president as we speak in the oval office. we're told treasury secretary tim geithner joined the talks, trying to hammer out a deal to stop tax hikes and spending cuts from kicking in at the new year. one lawmaker calling the pressure red hot but is this any way to fix
opened the cash register sunday night. one of the men pulled a gun and robbed the store. no word on how much money they got. police think this robbery was related to another one in the same area at about the same time. >>> a bay area cop lost two guns to burglars who hit his home in antioch. the officer who works for an undisclosed bay area agency returned home wednesday night to find three burglars in his house. when he went in they ran out the back and apparently used one of the stolen guns to keep the officer from catching him. >> he did give chase and the -- one of the suspects did drop some of the property that was stolen. at the same time, one of the suspects fired a shot in the air and at that point, the resident ceased giving chase. >> last month in brentwood another officer's home was hit. that officer shot and wounded one of the suspects. >>> oakland is hiring some new help as it tries to cut down on crime in the city. legendary lawman bill bratton will become a consultant for the oakland police department. he helped reduce violent crime when headed up the new york and l.a. pd
unidentified suspect probably all gas station on north texas street shortly after robbing the seven eleven store on a fixed price. >> one of the suspect held across all for handgun as they both grab money from the cash registers. >> both suspects left on foot. >> a state appeals court has reversed a jury's decision to commit especially violent predator mental hospital, safe a san jose prosecutor engaged in serious misconduct. >> the opinion clanked santa clara county chief assistant attorney jay boyarsky at the proper questions and made improper are you mr. in the civil trial to commit man. >> the man pleaded guilty in 1994 to sodomy with a minor under 14 among other charges. >> he was sentenced to nearly 18 years in prison, but prosecutors sought to commit him to coalinga state hospital up on his release. >> the bay city attorney's office is coordinating a state wide of rage effort to notify customers were eligible for refunds that must be claimed during a three month period between now and march 28th. >> the international maritime organization has approved a plan to change a route that c
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and robbing and killing people when they responded. >>> a 17-month-old girl reported missing in california more than two months ago found safe in kentucky. university of kentucky police saying they got a call about a suspicious person on campus last night. when they checked it out, they found the baby with a woman who claims to be her grandmother. jon: a cyberattack on one of our nation's most elite foreign policy organizations. the website of the council on foreign relations targeted in a sophisticated attack. chinese hackers are suspected of using a new ploy called a drive-by. apparently getting into the server that operates the website and using the system to attack cfr members and others who visited the site. doug luzader is keeping an eye on that from washington. this is a website, doug, visited by a lot of powerful people. >> reporter: jon, good morning that may have been the motivation behind this attack. according to the washington beacon, computer specialists think that chinese hackers may have been behind this if you go to the website itself, everything works just fine. that is a
of the unemployment. greg: senator rob portman, a republican from ohio said that if lawmakers in the white house can get through this fiscal cliff, we will immediately face another fiscal cliff, if you will. the debt ceiling, noting that are dead is not sustainable. so portman does not sound impressed by talk of a small package to get through this initial fiscal cliff. worried about the long-term impact of our unsustainable debt. greg: our markets are taking a little bit of a head. falling on wall street, the market is on track for its fifth consecutive decline. investors feared that the fallout will have a tremendous effect on what is already a fragile economic recovery. stephen moore joins us. when economic growth was comparatively pretty good, this the president said no, now you don't want to raise tax rates because the economy is fragile. gdp is worse now, is that? >> i think almost exactly two years ago, the president said the economy is too fragile to raise taxes on anyone. so what you have essentially was a deal that was put together. remember back in december of 2010 when we were facing a ve
. the vehicle was still running. police think he was killed when two men tried to rob him. the funeral is set for tomorrow at 11:00 in arlington. >>> a disturbing scene out of new york city, where police say a man has died after being pushed onto the subway tracks. it happened in front of a northbound train in queens. they're looking for a woman in her 20s when fled the station. it's unclear whether the man and woman knew each other. this is the second time this month someone has died as a result of being pushed onto the subway tracks. >>> in russia, president vladimir putin signed a bill banning americans from adopting russian children. let's take a live look now from the russian embassy here in d.c. if we could. the law putin signed is reportedly in retailation for a new law in the u.s. that calls for sanctions against russian officials for human rights abuses. it takes effect january 1st and it also blocks dozens of children already in the process of being adopted by americans from leaving russia. >>> still ahead at 7:00, a closer look at the fiscal cliff fight and what it would take to ge
incredibly wealthy and their own citizenry understand they are being robbed. don't have a eventually rise up? >> they do. a fallacy about china is all the chinese people are happy because the country has seen such a great expansion of wealth and prosperity since they opened up to the rest of the world in the early 80s but the truth is this is the very corrupt regime from top to bottom and what the international has allowed the chinese people to do is expose that corruption. we saw it earlier this year with a rising star in the chinese party taken down, the blind lawyer living in new york city, a very famous on the internets and has become more so since he has been here. they have an issue because they need to curb corruption but don't have tools to do and cracking down on the internet will give the viewer tools. adam: would be in the regime's best interest to allow the flow of information and chinese citizens to call out the corruption? >> not of you are a 1-party state. we are sitting in the united states, democracy is different. the question for investors is what kind of companies might be
. it means literally robbing peter to pay paul. shifting the money around. so that you can actually keep paying the bills before you hit the ceiling. all in all, i can't remember an end of a year, suzanne, when we've had two so serious issues affecting the u.s. economy all at the same time. >> it is worrisome. i wonder, richard, do we have any sense of how the markets, the global markets, are even reacting to the potential, the possibility that we'd go over the cliff? >> reporter: yes. at the moment, it is quite clear they are holding their nose from the stench of politics, and they are believing that politicians will do the right thing. i was talking to one u.s. congressman today. in fact, you must have talked to senators and congressmen, and everybody says the same thing. in the final analysis, the right thing will be done. both on the cliff and the ceiling. the problem is, a lot of damage can and will be done before it takes place. and there's always the very real risk, as we saw last year, in the ceiling crisis, as we saw with t.a.r.p. three or four years ago when the house didn't pa
wasn't even in town when the bank was robbed. of course not. he was acting as a decoy to keep me away. he was just his hard luck he got caught. oh. sheriff! roy! i'll take over now. get anything out of him? no. there isn't anything in him to get out. well of course not, this is ridiculous. i have known pat for years. yeah she sure has, years and years. say this man's your foreman? yes. and when you're away do you leave him in charge of the ranch? why certainly, then how do you know he hasn't been leading a double life? listen pat has enough trouble leading one life, let alone two. yeah. i sure do. how do you explain that? sheriff, pat told you how that picture came to be taken. told him? i shouted, whistled and whispered until my voice is worn to a shatter. i might have believed you if we had found elmore kirby. and if he had backed up your story. and until we do find him... you're staying here in the custody of the law. no, them owl hoots is gonna kid nap poor elmore and if you don't find him, i'm gonna spend the rest of my life here in custardy. roy make 'em let me out of here. sher
robbing peter to pay paul. we need americans to help the victims of hurricane sandy rebuild their lives. we also don't do it by eliminating programs that are critical to our economy and especially programs critical to our national security. this amendment includes a new provision that would prevent all funds within this act from being considered emergency spending. now, mr. president, can any one of us stand here on this floor in a straight face and say that the devastating effects of the largest atlantic hurricane in history isn't an emergency? the presiding officer: if the senator would suspend, the time for the vote has now arrived. mr. leahy: i would ask consent for two more minutes. ms. mikulski: i'm right here. mr. leahy: are you ready to vote? i will take 30 seconds. ms. mikulski: i ask unanimous consent that the gentleman be allowed to finish his statement. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. leahy: when they say it's not an emergency, look what happened in this hurricane. we lost 120 american lives. we lost 340,000 homes. we lost 200,000 businesses with sandy. if that
in spending reduction. if you carry that out -- rob portman did a study for all of us -- if you carry that out over a 10-year period, you have a balanced budget at the end of 10 years. the changes that lamar and i propose are changes that add up to trillions and trillions of dollars over time, because when you do something like this, you understand, compounding the fact that occurs here, 20 million more americans coming on medicare over the next decade. even the first year is only a trillion, the reforms over time, you really are making these programs solvent which is what most of us want to do. we do not want to kick the can up the road. what you are doing if we can move to this -- if we are in a situation where we are not jeopardize in the credit of our country, but we are solving this -- the issue that the market is talking about, which is the -- which lamar is talking about, which is the medicare fiscal cliff, which is not being dealt with. entitlement reforms are more -- by far than discretionary cuts, because discretionary cuts, we have to defend against those every month, whereas entitl
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